Summative task

In this lesson, students will complete an application form to be considered for a fictional research project at one of the Bionics Institute’s laboratories. They will need to evaluate what they have learned so far about sight and seeing, explain why they’d like to participate in research and explain how they’d like to make a difference in that laboratory.


The summative task comes as a complete document that is ready to be printed and distributed for students to communicate their learning.

  • Student-Worksheets / Summative-Task.docx

This assessment is designed to be completed in 45-90 minutes

Download the resource pack for this module: (749KB)


  • KJ Tan
  • Duncan Goddard Education Officer, GTAC

This teaching sequence has been developed by the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), Deakin University and The University of Melbourne thanks to the Reconceptualising Mathematics and Science Teacher Education Programs (ReMSTEP) project.

Published early 2017