Bionic eye module 4


Learning Outcome: Students predict and evaluate how manipulating different components of the eye may lead to impairment of vision, and relate their findings to clinical conditions and their treatment.

Design descriptors

  • Students manipulate their representations of the eye to explore a series of ‘what if’ statements to determine the effect on vision
  • Students use a classification key to diagnose different visual impairments
  • Students research current technologies to determine current treatments for conditions and realise the importance of STEM endeavours in treating vision impairment

Assumptions/Prior knowledge

Misconceptions (common, not exhaustive)


Education Design team

  • Chris Szwed Education Officer, GTAC
  • Duncan Goddard Education Officer, GTAC


  • Dr James Fallon Bionics Institute, Senior Research Fellow

This teaching sequence has been developed by the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), Deakin University and The University of Melbourne thanks to the Reconceptualising Mathematics and Science Teacher Education Programs (ReMSTEP) project.

Published early 2017