How the outcomes were achieved

Contemporary Science Schools Network

Dr Peta White from Deakin University set up regular meetings in Burwood, inviting teachers from five local schools to discuss strategies for implementing STEM principles and ideas into their classrooms.


Dr Peta White, Deakin University.

Responds to ReMSTEP innovation(s):


Contemporary science and mathematics integrated in initial teacher education (ITE) units of study.


Specialist science and technology centre collaborations.


Opportunities for students to interact with scientists in world-class research environments.

Key points

  • Teachers from five schools in Burwood regularly met with Dr Peta White to discuss implementing contemporary science in their classrooms
  • Meetings were held twice a term, and discussion topics included National Science Week, and new teaching resources
  • Pre-service teachers participated in National Science Week activities organised at these schools

IFive primary schools in the Burwood area met regularly with Deakin University’s Dr Peta White as part of this ReMSTEP activity involving teachers, pre-service volunteer teachers, science educators, and scientists, supporting contemporary science curriculum development in the schools. There was a strong focus on inquiry through representation construction and contemporary science.

This is about forming networks across schools that cross the personal-professional divide and are sustainable. They add value to the everyday teaching of science in schools. In particular, the inclusion of a contemporary science theme and interactions with scientists offers renewed enthusiasm.

Dr. Peta White, activity coordinator

The activity has seen positive outcomes, with teachers in these schools showing self-sufficiency in organising workshops and professional developments events, and have shown willingness to be involved in further project applications.

Six volunteer pre-service teachers helped facilitate a family science night event, as well as a series of National Science Week activities held at three of the schools, and were enthusiastic and committed and expressed very positive responses to the engagement. Special mention was given to contemporary activities such as robotic and drone explorations, and activities involving problem solving. The pre-service teacher’s ongoing involvement will be linked to a student Science and Sustainability club at Deakin. In 2017, National Science Week involvement will be planned in greater detail, with grants sought and more pre-service teachers involved.

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For more analysis download the Activity Evaluation report.

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