EDF5674 Engaging with practices of contemporary science

A new Master of Teaching/Master of Education elective to be offered from Semester 2 2015

Why introduce this new unit?

EDF5674 has been designed for Master of Teaching and Master of Education students who wish to:

What is involved?

The unit is delivered in collaboration with the Faculties of Education and Science.

EDF5674 students will:

  • Undertake a number of investigative tasks which will help them to engage with science as it is practiced in contemporary scientific settings, involving:
    • shadowing scientists in their workplace to observe the nature of their work;
    • interviewing scientists to explore their understandings of science; and
    • attendance at scientific conferences, symposia and other science media and communication events.
  • Students are encouraged to understand, analyse and critique these practices in the context of classroom science teaching and explore ways of making the science experiences for their students more relevant and engaging. The unit will also help students to develop a framework that will enable them to better understand the dynamic nature of contemporary scientific practice, and to translate such practices into more engaging and authentic experiences in their classroom teaching.
Professor Trevor Lithgow
Professor Trevor Lithgow, ARC Laureate Fellow, Department of Microbiology, Monash University was one of a number of eminent scientists who presented a series of STEM Talks for students in this unit.

Unit learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the unit students should be able to:

  1. articulate how they have extended their current knowledge skills and abilities needed as a science educator
  2. demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which science responds to technological and social change
  3. demonstrate engagement with the contemporary practices of science, and
  4. demonstrate the connections between contemporary science practices and one’s educational practice.

What does assessment involve?

The unit assessment consists of two tasks designed to encourage students to reflect on their science workplace visits and new understandings of science practice. The first task involves the production of a multimedia representation which identifies and examines the contemporary knowledge skills and abilities needed in science education.

The second task is a written assignment that requires students to connects their understanding of contemporary science practices with their classroom practices.

What is the workload like?

EDF5674 This is a 12 point unit with a minimum total expected workload equivalent to 288 hours per semester, comprising a mix of 12 workshop hours and an additional 24 hours of online activities over the semester.

The remaining hours are used to plan and attend a range of contemporary sciences workplaces to:

Want to know more?

For further information contact: Associate Prof Gillian Kidman gillian.kidman@monash.edu

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  1. Banner image by Jamesfranklingresham (Own work) is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
  2. Photo of Professor Trevor Lithgow Image © Monash University 2015.

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